Azeta Gomma spa

Reduced processing times and greater efficiency:
the case of Azeta Gomma

“Thanks to the purchase of our WaterJet, we have drastically reduced our processing times. While it used to take us two hours to perform certain processing operations in the ceramic sector, we can now cut everything in just a quarter of an hour. It really saves the company a lot of money.”

“Using the WaterJet will render the production of our current products much more efficient, thus leaving the door open to greater opportunities with our customers in the future.”

Fustellificio Italia – MPL

“The partner we had always been looking for”:
the case of MPL

“We initially wanted to purchase a waterjet in order to gain access to other markets, but we then realized that the footwear industry had responded in an extremely positive manner with unparalleled cutting operations being performed upon rubber, leather, and suede”

“We were looking for a WaterJet a little bit different than the others, that didn’t make use of abrasive cutting technology. A fast machine that could even be used for small jobs. That’s why we chose Smre, because it was the only company capable of offering a machine like that”

“It’s been 6 years since we made our first purchase, and I have to say that all the effort I put into finding the right company, even in terms of customer support and assistance, has really paid off: Today, SMRE has become a very important partner”